venueClaire and Mark both have businesses within the wedding industry as a florist and caterer, so it was no surprise that their wedding was nothing but effortlessly beautiful. With no particular theme for the day, their laid back approach to decor and styling (she just picked what was beautiful at the flower market on the Thursday with no set colour scheme) came together to create a relaxed country wedding, just as the couple had hoped.We absolutely love the natural style of the day which was styled with hessian, bark, soft dusky pinks, creams, greens and of course lots of gorgeous flowers.

The Proposal

Mark took me on a surprise night away on my 27th birthday to a beautiful hotel and restaurant called the Vineyard based near Newbury. The engagement was a complete surprise to me although my family knew before hand as he asked permission of my dad prior. We had a lovely 7 course meal and Mark proposed in the suite before dinner.

The Ceremony & Reception

We got married in the village I grew up in, St Anne’s Epwell. The church is a beautiful quaint


How to Go Unplugged

unplug_device1. Notify your guests beforehand
For any unplugged wedding to be a success, the cooperation of the guests is essential. After all, these are the mobile-wielding, snap-happy folks whose actions you’re trying to curtail. With that in mind, the first step in going unplugged, is to notify your guests in plenty of time. You could include a brief line in your invitations or along with your save the dates stating that the wedding will be unplugged and that guests should consider leaving mobile phones and tablets at home or switched off.

Sample wording for your invitations:

On the day, we’ll ask that you share in our wedding fully and not through the lens of a camera or mobile device.

2. Make an official request
On your busy wedding day, the last thing you’ll want is to worry about a guest ruining a photo by stepping in the way of you photographer with their mobile device. if you don’t feel up to the task of asking your guests to refrain from taking photos, leave it to your officiant during the ceremony or your celebrant


flower-girl-page-boyThere’s so much content on the web and in magazines about why you shouldn’t let children attend your wedding, but not very much support for those brides and grooms who want children to be a part of their day! Here’s the benefit of allowing children at your wedding:

Helloooo, Flower Girl & Page Boy

Unless your groom’s best man comes in fancy dress, chances are if you’re having a flower girl or a page boy, they will be children. And after their flower throwing and ring holding duties have finished, you can’t just send them home. You’ll have to endure them throughout the ceremony and the reception.

Flower girls and page boys at a wedding |
Photo courtesy of Crisa and Chris’s wedding

Your best bet? Invite other children to keep them company and entertained and out of everyone’s hair whilst the grown ups do boring wedding stuff.

All Your Friends Will Attend, Not Just the Single Ones

Here’s a fact anyone planning a wedding needs to hear and understand: newbie parents aren’t going to be too keen on leaving a new baby at home. Don’t even ask

Welding Equipment Rental

Taking advantage of welding equipment rental is a good business practice. You can save money and channel your time and money into other important aspects of your business. This is particularly true for welding and businesses that utilize these types of machinery. Every time a new process that is more efficient is invented, businesses find that they have to spend money to acquire the equipment. This does not have to be the case with rentals. Renting the machineries allows you to save time and money and boost productivity.

Renting for a Specific Purpose

Contractors find that there are equipment that they use every day, and those that they use from time to time. One strategy is to buy the equipment that is frequently used in production and hire equipment that is used occasionally. For example, you need a machine to weld steel, and another machine to occasionally weld aluminum. You’ll buy the former and hire the later.

You therefore don’t have to use your capital on all machinery. Another advantage of this is that you can make money from the second machine. If you buy equipment you’ll need to utilize it at least half of the time to break even.

Cutting Job Specific Costs


Have the Wonderful Trip? ask Gent Escorts Agency!

When you visit in different countries (UK, USA, UAE, Japan and European), of course you can explore many interesting places in Europe. You can visit many incredible countries in this beloved continent. One of the attractive sites to visit when you are in Belgium. Well, if you are planning for having the incredible experience in Belgium, it means that there are many kinds of things that you should prepare. If you want to have the wonderful trip, ask Gent escorts agency for helping you.  First thing that you should really consider is the budget for going anywhere that you are going to go. If you do not have the budget how can you go there? Then, prepare for the itinerary also for your best moment ever in Belgium.

The more important thing that you should consider is choosing the best lady that will accompany your during your traveling time in Europe especially in Belgium. It offers you adequate information about the girls suggested as the best of the best among another website. You can also see the real photo picture of every call girl available so that you can choose the one that really please you. Meet

5 Reasons to Hire Luxury Loos for Your Wedding Reception

As Summer quickly approaches, so too does wedding season. Choosing to have your wedding in the summer months is, of course, a popular one, with the best chance of some decent weather.

This dream of clear blue skies on your big day is enough to tempt an increasing amount of us to have an outdoor wedding or at least an outdoor reception.

Recent developments in marquees and portable technology mean outdoor weddings are more achievable than ever.

One of the biggest considerations for an outdoor wedding is, of course, finding a solution for toilets.

There are two main options, you can choose the cheaper, stand alone portable toilets which many of us will associate with music festivals or village fayres. The other option is the more expensive luxury loos.

If this is a decision you may have to make, or are currently struggling with, here are 5 reasons why opting for a luxury loo is by far worth the extra cash.

1.The Occasion

Let’s be brutally honest, the connotations of the cheaper, portable toilet aren’t exactly classy.

The image of them lining the edge of a muddy festival campsite doesn’t

The Escort in Paris

Do you want to have a fun and unforgettable vacation in Paris? If you do, it is actually so much recommended for you to consider about hiring the escort Paris. The reason why you have to hire the escort in Paris is because they can offer you the distinctive things that the other escorts cannot offer to you. Then, in case you are so curious about those things, it will be better for you to keep reading below.

Well, there are several things that the escort in Paris can offer to you, which are: The first thing is that the escort in Paris is able to speak in some language such as English, Spanish, German, and so on. So then, it is no wonder if the escort in Paris will be able to communicate with the different people so well. So, you do not need to be worried about how to communicate with them because of the different language. Second, most of the escorts in Paris are recognized as the most beautiful girls in the Europe. This particular fact can be proven from many escorts that have won the local and even national beauty contests.

4 Portrait Photography Tips

There are many people want to be in the pictures, so it is undeniable that portrait is important skill for photographer nowadays. However, there are several factors you have to concern when you are shooting portrait. So, how does a photographer capture a good portrait? Below are some tips that will make your portrait better.

  1. Background

Background plays an essential role to a portrait. Portrait is all about someone’s face, so it is important to have a background that isn’t interfering with the subject. If you want to make a simple one, choose a simpler and less cluttered background. Sometimes, you want your background to be as minimalistic as possible. While other times a dramatic or colorful background can help your subject really stand out. However, sometimes when you place them into different contexts with different backgrounds you can dramatically alter the mood in a shot.

  1. Angle and Pose

Pose and the angle of the body and face play a key role of portrait.Looking straight at the camera with motionless expression can be boring. Try to make it a little twist. Get their emotional expressions and try to capture the moment. Moreover, Horizontal

Exciting Wedding Activities

After you’re officially married and the ceremony is over, most couples invite their guests to a gathering known as a wedding reception. Traditionally, the couple will offer their guests dinner, alcoholic libations, and some form of entertainment while everyone chats and mingles. Most commonly, there will be either a DJ or a band playing music during the reception while everyone dances, which can be a lot of fun for everyone. However, it you want your wedding to be truly remarkable, you’ll need to come up with some exciting wedding activities that not everyone has as part of their celebration. Here are a few fun ways to spice up your wedding reception and make a lasting impact on all of your guests.

Choreographed Dance Entrance

One of the most important parts of a wedding reception is the entrance of the newlywed couple. Usually, all of the guests arrive and mingle during what is known as “cocktail hour” while the wedding party finishes up pictures and cruises around in a limousine. Once they arrive at the reception hall, they are typically announced and make their entrance to an adoring crowd of their friends, family, and loved ones and

Selecting the Best Business Catering Company

At the end of the day, everyone wants their event to be viewed as special. For any occasion, regardless of it being a wedding, a corporate affair or even a small gathering with family and friends, the food served to the guests will be a great determinant of the event’s impact. It can also be a great factor that will determine the course of an event and this will be an estimate of how well the event will be remembered. Many times, the food is paramount. For this reason, you will discover that the best catering company in town will be busy all year round serving various clients during key events as they will have a consistent high demand.

Most of us don’t want to mess up an event, especially when it comes to the food being served. This applies to virtually any occasion, from very important events to a number of small parties.

Many have difficulty finding a company that will deliver hot, delicious food while providing you and your guests with impeccable service. Because a lot is invested in events, much consideration should go into the planning. There are a couple of key factors that will guide you in selecting

How to choose the ideal wedding dress for your figure type

If you dream to find the perfect wedding dress for your ceremony, however you still can make the right decision about the dresses you discover, read our great recommendations on choosing your ideal wedding dresses according to your figure type:

  • If you’re busty

With such figure type, look for wedding dresses with a scooped neckline. What’s more it will open up your face and show your décolletage without demonstrating too much cleavage. In addition, if you like the look of strapless gowns, select one that has a little dip along the neckline instead of a style that goes straight across.

  • If you’re pear-shaped

If you have such type of figure, then a skirt that little by little flares out in an A-form from the natural waist to the floor, accenting the slimness of the midsection and floating away from the hips is the perfect choice. If your mom, for example, has such figure as well, then V-neck mother of the bride dress will showcase a more slim upper body.

On the other hand keep in your mind that a classic A-line silhouette presents itself to formal weddings, but it can as well be dressed down when created from a more casual fabric.

  • If you’re plus-sized


Short and Long Skirts –Best Way to Look Elegant in any function

Skirts are definitely the best possible piece of fashion that has happened to womankind. This particular garment can be worn in the most formal and also the most informal events, and they always manage to gain all the attention. Easy to wear and less time consuming, this particular garment is the most favoured one by the women. The only problem here is the selection of the right skirt. There are different kinds of skirts available, and one must know which one to wear to showoff their best features. Shops in Greater Kailash make the skirts considering many criteria making them extremely famous among the people.

Wearing a Long and a Short Skirt:


As already mentioned, selecting a skirt needs the perfection of style. A skirt is the only responsible garment that can make a woman look horrendous or most beautiful. Wearing a long skirt has its own charm. Long skirts that are flared give a very sophisticated look. Best for the informal occasions these can be very much worn during a summer afternoon party or an evening party as well. These can be chosen for the most casual event around and

Excellent Wedding Planning Services Offered At VIVAHA Wedding Solutions

Wedding always captures one’s attention and creates a joy of fun and enthusiasm. To make it more exciting, it is preferable to choose a wedding planner company. So, VIVAHA wedding solutions is here to make sure that all your marriage events are arranged smoothly. When it comes for arranging a marriage function, there are several things to do like sending cards, decoration, DJ Sound, Barat co-ordination, Mehndi function and more, for which Vivaha is the only one stop solution. Detailed information regarding this company and their any party planner services is provided at Vivaha Wedding Solutions.

To make your marriage events unique, memorable and in accordance to your needs and desires, Ashima Malik, the owner of VIVAHA has contributed a lot. She is been in this profession since 2006 and holds a dedicated and responsible experience to cater large number of party and birthday events till date. The only key to VIVAHA’s success is her utmost personal and friendly attention to cater all events smoothly in a planned way. They help to put the appealing content in your invitation cards by selecting the exact label and colors. When it comes to decorations they help to choose the stunning

Wedding Videos – A Must or a Maybe?

Having one of the most important days of your life on video can be certainly an excessive chance and a treasurable memory. The only way to preserve your wedding memories is to keep them alive with a great video content. What is most important is to hire the right wedding videographer Sydney, to capture all the details and moments to make your wedding exceptional so you can play it again and again.

Your wedding video is much more effective if the video is unique so it will inspire everyone around even the people who were not able to make it to your wedding, you can share your emotions with them. Hiring someone professional is necessary these days, so you don’t want to take any risks, especially hiring someone without experience in this field. The years of experience and skills will help them to record the most important moments of the evening so every time you watch it you will have the same enthusiasm over and over again.

You must become aware of the equipment and the various techniques that the person will apply for your wedding video. Wedding studios are varied and therefore they will offer you distinguished packages,

Wedding Videos – A Must or a Maybe? Read more: Wedding Videos – A Must or a Maybe? Follow us: @SooperArticles on Twitter | SooperArticles on Facebook

Having one of the most important days of your life on video can be certainly an excessive chance and a treasurable memory. The only way to preserve your wedding memories is to keep them alive with a great video content. What is most important is to hire the right wedding videographer Sydney, to capture all the details and moments to make your wedding exceptional so you can play it again and again.

Your wedding video is much more effective if the video is unique so it will inspire everyone around even the people who were not able to make it to your wedding, you can share your emotions with them. Hiring someone professional is necessary these days, so you don’t want to take any risks, especially hiring someone without experience in this field. The years of experience and skills will help them to record the most important moments of the evening so every time you watch it you will have the same enthusiasm over and over again.

You must become aware of the equipment and the various techniques that the person will apply for your wedding video. Wedding studios are varied and therefore they will offer you distinguished packages,

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress For You

The dress has got to be one of the most important parts of a wedding.

Thinking about weddings and wedding planning, when it comes to it, it has definitely got to be the dress that has to be perfect for the bride, this is because it is what everyone is waiting for, the revealing of the big white dress and of course to see how fabulous the bride looks.

When dress shopping you have got to make sure you get the perfect dress but this is a very hard decision as all wedding dresses come in all different shapes and sizes, sparkly or plain, puffy or flat, long or short.. pretty much everything!

No matter what though, there is always something to fit everyone’s needs and that suits them.

The one dress that feels and is perfect is the dress that is the one to make them look like a princess and feel like a princess on their special big day. The question is though, how do you know if the dress is actually ‘the one’?

Is it because of how it feels on you, is it because of how you feel in it or is it because of how it looks?

I suppose they

Cost effective wedding cake toppers

In an effort to make your perfect wedding day a show stopper, Yacanna also supplies incredible wedding accessories such as magnificent diamond confetti, wedding table decorations, wedding sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, heart wedding sparklers, wedding poppers and wedding centerpieces.

For many couples on their wedding day the cutting of the cake is one of the highlights of the occasion.  Therefore the wedding cake topper is an integral element in the overall theme and style of the wedding.

At Yacanna you will discover various over 500 wedding cake toppers.  So regardless of what your style, character or desire, Yacanna is sure to have something to enhance your wedding theme and budget.

In case you are organizing the perfect wedding day Yacanna can provide you with all of the wedding accessories like monogram cake toppers, wedding cake toppers, wedding reception table decorations, crystal cake ribbons, wedding card box, bridal hair accessories, wedding sand ceremony and many more.

The finest and most popular wedding favors are readily available, also a vast selection of unique wedding favors, place card holders, bridal shower party favors  and wine bottle stoppers.  This selection is something to see, the alternatives are unlimited. Also check out our exclusive selection of bridesmaid gifts, which

Karwa Chauth Gifts for a Memorable Occasion

Autumn season is a period of festivities and celebrations in India. Many traditional festivals of the country fall during the Shravan and Kartik months of the Hindu calendar, which is usually between August and November. The festival of Karva Chauth is celebrated during this festive season. The festival falls 9 days prior to Diwali and it is celebrated on ‘Kartik ki chauth’, which is the fourth day of the new moon in the month of Kartik.

The name of the festival comes from the Sanskrit word “Karva” which means an earthen pot with a spout, and “chauth” meaning the “fourth day.”  On the occasion of Karwa Chauth, married women in the country observe a ritual feast that last the whole day. Indian traditions maintain that that the prayers of devoted women are heard by the gods and they bring safety and well-being of their husbands. Women undertake this rigorous fast without any complaints just for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands. They spend the entire day without a morsel of food or even a drop of water. The fast is a marked testimony to the love and devotion that Indian women have for their husbands.

The rituals of the festival start


You want to keep your guests watered at the reception, and by ‘watered’ I mean merry, and yet you don’t want them merrily drinking you over your budget. Find out what to serve for your first reception drink and at your wedding breakfast, the pros and cons of the free bar versus the pay bar and so much more.

First reception drinks

The first reception drinks you serve your guests should be a little special. You could offer champagne or BucksFizz and seasonal drinks are always popular. For winter weddings consider serving warm, spiced mulled wine as your initial reception drink before the usual wine and champagne at the wedding breakfast. For a balmy mid-summer’s wedding nothing beats an ice cold Pimms or cool ice shots, boozy cocktail sorbets and vodka laced snow cones!

For something extra special create your own signature cocktail by blending your favourite drinks with a personalised name for a fancy new drink your guests will love.

Wedding breakfast drinks and toasts

The bride and groom are traditionally toasted with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine. A choice of red and white wine should then be served at the reception tables alongside water for non-drinkers as there will often be under 18s, drivers and


There’s a lot to think about and get right when it comes to wedding planning, but one of the most important components of your big day is the food you’ll serve at your wedding breakfast! If you’re a foodie, you’ll generally have a good idea of the type of food you’d like to present to your guests, but newbies to the world of fine dining may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. That’s where we come in! To whet your appetite, we’ve handpicked some of the poshest, most beautiful plates of food available from a selection of our wedding venue suppliers.

Wroxall Abbey Hotel & Estate, Warwickshire

Everything on the menu at Salomon’s Estate sounds divine! There’s something for everyone here from Scotch eggs given the Salomon’s treatment with Picalilli and beetroot crisps to on-trend monkfish wrapped in pancetta and  a selection of steaks straight from the grill. Be sure to take a good glimpse at Salomon’s dessert menu! You’ll find British classics that have been modernised and made a lot more interesting; we especially like the sound of the lavender strawberry trifle! Serving breakfast, brunch, bistro favourites, Sunday roasts and traditional afternoon teas, you and your guests won’t leave


Your wedding reception abroad could be far more exotic than any British wedding breakfast, with seafood fresh from the ocean or authentic local cuisine. Eat al-fresco in the warm sun and enjoy stunning views late into the night. Here’s what to consider before you book your reception, have your cake made and arrange your menu abroad.

Arrange a Tasting

With sumptuous locally sourced produce your venue could serve up some amazing meals that make your wedding even more memorable. It’s important to feel confident that your overseas wedding venue does great food and essential to check before booking.

If you are travelling to the venue during your wedding planning, try to arrange a tasting, to make sure you like the menus available and the food is right. If you’ve chosen a wedding package with a hotel, some or all of the catering is likely to be included in the price.

Find out in advance if any of your guests have specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian or vegan or any food allergies and intolerances such as dairy or gluten. Check that the venue will cater for any them by offering suitable alternatives

Wedding Cake

Having a cake made abroad can be a wonderful idea as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy something that


With the popularity of using social media to plan your wedding and the sheer amount of choice and options available, it’s easy to begin to hate your own wedding. We’ve  heard from many brides over the years who lose momentum when wedding planning, whether it be due to a small budget or extended engagement. The truth is, with 50% of couples being engaged for at least a year or longer, it’s clear to see how planning can take its toll and become boring or frustrating. Follow these 8 ways to not hate your own wedding and stay positive about your upcoming nuptials!

1. Don’t Rush It

Wedding planning is a process. It’s a high-endurance marathon, not a 20 metre dash. Grasp this concept early, especially if you’re going to have a long engagement. The luxury of being engaged for longer than 6 months is that you can consider all the options and take your time when making your decisions. Of course, having loads of time can also play against you as you may find it difficult to make a decision if you’re concerned that another equally good option or opportunity looms on the horizon. Combat this by being organised, get a wedding planner, create a


Ombre is a beautiful effect that seems only to grow more and more popular. It’s a wonderful way to play with colours and is reminiscent of the romantic watercolour paintings we all know and love. See below for how to make your own DIY dip dyed ombre favour bags!

To get the same effect we have, you’ll need:

  • White Linen Drawstring Favour Bags
  • Feather Whimsy Design Personalised “Thank You” Rubber Stamp
  • Ink Pad
  • Fabric dye in colours of your choice. (Our team in Canada used the Rit brand in colours Teal, Purple, and Golden Yellow)
  • Bath Salts


Step 1: Prepare one of your dyes as per your package instructions.

Step 2: Fill three separate bowls with approximately two cups of water each. (One cup is roughly 240ml.)

Step 3: Add your blue dye to the bowls, starting with 1.5 tablespoons of dye in the first bowl, ¼ cup in the second, and ½ cup in the third. This way, you get three different concentrations of dye.

Step 4: Take one of your bags and dip it into your first bowl—the one with the least amount of dye. Dip it in all the way up to the point where you want your ombre effect to fade out. (We went about a quarter